le charme de l'authenticité
le charme de l'authenticité
le charme de l'authenticité
le charme de l'authenticité
le charme de l'authenticité
le charme de l'authenticité
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    International Economic Conferences

    We are proud and honored to have contributed to the success of one of the most important international economic conferences between Tunisia and Libya in collaboration with the TABC Sfax regional office. We are all the more honored by the high presence of Libyan ministers, as well as high-ranking Tunisian personalities and businessmen.”


    Student Talent Show at the Hotel Borj Dhiafa Sfax!

    Sfax Shines: The Grand Final of the Student Talent Show at the Hotel Borj Dhiafa Sfax!

    In collaboration with the Nahawand Association, the Hotel Borj Dhiafa Sfax had the pleasure of hosting the grand final of the Student Talent Show, a landmark event that illuminated the city of Sfax. This evening celebrated the creativity, passion and dynamism of Tunisian youth, while contributing to the cultural influence of the city.

    The Student Talent Show, organized by RIMM Summer Festival / the Nahawand Association and judged by a prestigious jury composed of Hela Jardak, Aziza Bayar, Lilia Ben Chikha and Mahdi Ayachi. This annual event provides a platform for local artists, allowing them to showcase their talent to the public and contribute to the cultural richness of the city. The commitment of the Nahawand Association / RIMM Summer Festival is vital for the promotion of the cultural diversity of Sfax and for the encouragement of the future generation of artists.

    Student Talent Show through RIMM Summer Festival / the Nahawand Association, presented a diverse panel of young local talents, highlighting their skills in the field of singing and music. The contagious energy of the participants captivated the audience, transforming the Congress Hall of the Hotel Borj Dhiafa Sfax into a true melting pot of creativity and artistic expression.

    The event brought together a passionate community, strengthening social ties and creating lasting memories. The Hotel Borj Dhiafa Sfax is proud to have contributed to the success of this initiative and is committed to supporting such events that showcase the city and its culture.

    The Nahawand Association, organizer of the famous RIMM Summer Festival, This summer festival, under the theme “Celebrate the summer in style at the RIMM Summer Festival 2023”, promises unforgettable moments of music, meetings and discoveries. Sfax invites you to live this unique experience and discover its cultural riches.

    The Hotel Borj Dhiafa Sfax opens its doors to you, In order to fully experience the festival at the Maison de France de Sfax With RIMM Summer Festival / the Nahawand Association Team. We offer you a comfortable and warm setting to fully enjoy the festival and everything the city has to offer.

    Mother Language Day

    On this February 21st, International Mother Language Day, we reflect on the power of words that shape our worlds, our identities, and our traditions.

    In Sfax, a dynamic and historic city, the mother tongue plays a vital role in the preservation of cultural heritage and living customs.

    At Borj Dhiafa Sfax, we celebrate not only warm hospitality, but also the linguistic richness that is an integral part of the Sfaxian experience.

    And what better way to celebrate a language than to taste a dish that reflects all its richness? Hlelem with seafood, a true emblem of Sfaxian cuisine, is an explosion of flavors that tells a story with every bite.

    This traditional dish, prepared with love and patience, is a hymn to the generosity of the sea and to the ancestral culinary know-how passed down from mother to daughter.

    Sfax, a thousand-year-old crossroads, has been shaped by successive linguistic waves, from Phoenician to Byzantine to Arabic. Today, the Sfax dialect, with its unique sounds and colorful expressions, forms a vibrant linguistic link between past and present.

    Beyond everyday communication, the mother tongue is a vehicle for traditions, stories, songs and poetry that transmit the cultural heritage from generation to generation. It promotes understanding of local history and values, and serves as a bridge between diverse cultures, allowing for authentic and respectful dialogue.

    At Borj Dhiafa Sfax, we strive to create an environment where guests feel welcome and understood. Our multilingual staff, including several members who speak the Sfax dialect, are happy to converse with you in your mother tongue.

    In addition, we integrate local linguistic touches into our decoration and brochures, allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture of Sfax in an authentic way.

    On this International Mother Language Day, we invite you to celebrate the rich linguistic tapestry of Sfax, not only with us at Borj Dhiafa Sfax, but also by exploring the lively streets of the city and conversing with its warm inhabitants. Come and discover the beauty and diversity of the mother tongue, in all its strength and authenticity.

    Sfax, the Millennial City: A Journey Through History, Culture, and Cuisine!


    Sfax, a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, is located in eastern Tunisia. Founded in the 8th century by the Arabs, it experienced flourishing growth thanks to its port and commercial activity.

    When Sfax is mentioned, the Great Mosque is the first thing that comes to mind. This architectural gem, built in the 9th century, boasts thick walls and refined decorations that stand as a testament to the greatness of the Arab-Muslim civilization. The 12th-century medina walls offer a picturesque walk and breathtaking views of the city.

    Let’s continue our exploration of Sfax by discovering the Ribat and its museums! The Ribat, an ancient monastic fortress dating back to the 8th century, is another important historical monument in Sfax. Today, it houses a museum of art and history. The city also has several other museums, including the archaeological museum and the museum of popular arts and traditions.

    And who wouldn’t be fascinated by the craftsmanship and local products of Sfax? Sfax is renowned for its handicrafts, including pottery, ceramics, and embroidery. You can find many handcrafted products in the medina souks. The city is also known for its local products, such as olive oil, dates, and spices.

    After a day spent exploring the magnificent Sfax, Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey at the El Borj restaurant in the Borj Dhiafa hotel! The El Borj restaurant, located in the Borj Dhiafa Sfax hotel, invites you on a culinary journey you’ll never forget. Our chefs, true maestros of Tunisian flavors, offer a festival of traditional dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Among the specialties not to be missed are the famous Hlélem aux fruits de mer, a rich and delicious soup originating from Sfax. For couscous lovers, the couscous with octopus and lamb couscous will delight you, combining the soft texture of couscous with the tenderness of lamb and the marine character of octopus. But that’s not all! Our menu is full of other typical Sfaxian delicacies, and much more. Come and discover the richness and diversity of Tunisian cuisine in a refined and warm setting, and succumb to the charm of the authentic flavors of Sfax!

    (Français) Hôtel Borj Dhiafa Sfax célèbre la Journée Internationale de la Femme!

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French.


    We are extremely pleased to represent Tunisian gastronomy in the book published by the World Tourism Organization “A TOUR OF AFRICAN GASTRONOMY”

    An international recognition for our chef RAKIA and our know-how.

    You can consult the entire book at this link:


    The text is about the Tunisian chef Rakia, who has been recognized for her culinary expertise in the book “A TOUR OF AFRICAN GASTRONOMY” published by the World Tourism Organization. The book showcases the diverse and rich culinary traditions of Africa, and Rakia’s inclusion is a testament to her skill and dedication to her craft.

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